Saturday, 1 June 2013

Product Review: Wheat Bag in Bright Lime Green

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Review: Lavender Wheat Bag Hot and Cold Pack

Oh great, received the wheat bag today to review.  When I opened the parcel my wheat bag was bright green which was great and smells so gorgeous.  I absolutely Love Lavender.  When I removed the label it was quite big, oblong in shape and measured approx 48cm x 15cm

The Lavender Soothe Away Wheat Bag is filled with lavender flowers and wheat grains, the wheat bag can be heated or cooled easily and used to relieve many ailments. The material that covers these grains is made of a very soft fleece. The wheat bag can be lightly wiped over but not washed.

To heat the wheat bag you simply pop it in the microwave for no more than 1 minute 30 seconds in a microwave oven of up to 1000 watts.  Make sure you do not overheat the bag, and take care when removing from the microwave.  The heat makes the lavender fragrance come to life and smells even more gorgeous. Lavender has relaxing properties and I find after a hard day, very relaxing.

I used my wheat bag around my shoulders, and it was particularly soothing.  My daughter suffers from aching ankles and feet, and she asked if she could give it a try.

My daughter also loved this wheat bag. She said "she found it extremely comforting and warming, and the soft material felt lovely against her skin" Another happy customer :)

Even though the Sun is trying its best to warm us up, the evenings are still cold, so I gave this to my daughter to try in bed.  Again she Loved It and it also had the added benefit of giving her a good nights sleep.  Also a lot safer and quicker than warming up a hot water bottle. 

The wheat bag can also be wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in the freezer for a couple of hours to use as a cold pack.  We gave this a go but I didn't find it relaxing.  I think this would be better for strains.

This is a great product which I would Recommend.

Product Information you might find interesting:

Supporting UK Business - The wheat, lavender and fabric used in this product are all produced in the UK and the wheat bags themselves are also manufactured in the UK. This product has never been near a sweatshop in its life unlike some which may be available!

Heated it can be used as a hot bed fellow, wonderful for easing menstrual pains and wrapping around aching joints. 
Cold it aids sport strains or takes the heat out of burns (including sunburn) or bruises.

A great, safe alternative to traditional hot water bottles making it especially suitable to use with children or for the elderly.

It also has the following benefits:

Relieving aching muscles and joints
Easing arthritis and rheumatism
Soothing migraine
Reducing bruising and swelling
For sprains, strains and other sports injuries
Menstrual cramps and discomfort
Stress and tension relief
Tense necks and shoulders

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