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How it all Started ... Natural Man

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Natural Man

How it all started
Here at Mother Nature’s Goodies we like to cater to everyone, although most of our products can be used by men or women, we didn’t have a range just purely for men. We got our thinking caps on and came up with a full range of men’s products that are 100% natural so every man can enjoy the new range, even those with sensitive skin types.

The Name
We had a few names in mind, some being ‘King of Nature’, ‘100% Man’, ‘Man’s World’ and a few others but being a simple company we kept the name just as simple ‘Natural Man’. The name describes exactly what the products are about, natural products for natural men.

The Product Range

Launched this Month ...
Shaving Oil
Body Wash
Aftershave Soothing Lotion

Coming very soon ...
Exfoliator and Body Scrub
Hair Wax

Product Design

The Products Ingredients
We make all our products on site so we know exactly what is used, and we pride our selves on using only the finest and natural ingredients.  Using all natural ingredients we found the perfect combination to make the perfect products, great quality, 100% natural and have the perfect, distinct manly smell.

The Products Design (Label)
After a few days of designing we had a good range of logos to choose from, each logo looking very different, some bold and some subtle. We decided to go for a logo that looked natural but still had a manly feel to it. We combined a Strong Font in red and charcoal grey with a circle of autumn colour leaves. We thought this represented the products perfectly.

We have used a gradient effect at the bottom of the label to show the colours of each product. The name of the product will be in the same colour font as to where the circle is on the gradient bar. We thought this would be a nice way to tie all the products together. For the information on the labels, direction for use etc we used a nice clean font so it has good readership and we used a nice dark red colour to tie it in to the theme of the design.

The Products Design (Packaging)
For the packaging of these products we are going to use aluminium with silver and black lids (some pump and some regular silver lids). We thought this would give a great polished and manly finish to the product. Some of the products need to be in jars so we are going to use a clear jar with an aluminium lid.

What are we aiming for?
Why choose our products? We have great hopes for this product range. We do have a lot of competition when it comes to men’s products, but what we offer is that all our products are 100% natural unlike a lot of leading brands that are full of nasty chemicals. Our range is perfect for all the men out there, even ones with sensitive skin.

Read our Review on Friday ...

Introducing Our Designer

Hi, My Name is Luke, I’m 24 and I work as the graphic designer for Mother Nature’s Goodies. I’m an all round creative person and enjoy taking an idea and bringing it to life. I Graduated July 2012 with a BA (HONS) in Graphic Design.   I enjoy Live Music, Films and all round socializing.

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