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How To ... Use Mandarin Essential Oil in 10 Ways

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10 Ways to use

Mandarin Oil

Mandarin Essential Oil has a wonderful citrus aroma that brings a feeling of joy and happiness and is loved by the young and old. 

COLOUR: Yellow, Green or Red
SCENT: Citrus
EXTRACTION: Cold pressed / expressed
NOTE: Between Middle and Top
BLENDS with: Basil, black pepper, chamomile roman, cinnamon leaf, clove bud, lavender, marjoram sweet, neroli, nutmeg, palmarosa, petitgrain, rose and other citrus oils.

Depending on the variety, the mandarin tree is often smaller than the sweet orange, usually growing to a height of 5 metres.  This willowy evergreen tree has slender drooping twigs and broad narrow leaves which are glossy on both surfaces.  They adapt to their climate and thrive well under desert, semi-tropical and sub-tropical conditions.

Oil Properties:

Mandarin is a highly prized oil and has many uses.  It is particularly useful for children to help calm and relax.

Common Health Uses:
Mandarin essential oil can help with:
Digestive problems
Stretch Marks and Scars
Relieve Anxiety
Relieve Stress
Safe for use with children

Recipe Ideas

1. Massage Oil

Add a few drops to a carrier oil which can be massaged into your skin to treat Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Fluid Retention. 

A blend of 10 drops of mandarin and 30 drops of lavender will also help with stretch marks. Add 12 drops to 15ml sweet almond oil and 15ml calendula oil.

2. Antispasmodic Massage Oil

Mandarin oil has a mild antispasmodic effect which makes it useful for relaxing muscle spasms, and when massaged on the abdomen helps to relieve dyspepsia and gastritis. 

3. Stress Relieving Aroma Oil

Mandarin Oil can help alleviate the oppressive feelings of anxiety and depression.  Put 5 drops of Mandarin Oil and 3 drops of Bergamot Oil in an oil burner to help relax.

4. Baby Fretful Blend

Fretfulness is a frequent occurrence and is very upsetting.  Try this blend in a vapouriser or blended with a base oil as a massage.  Mix 15 drops of chamomile and 5 drops of mandarin and store in a dark  bottle.

5. Calm Digestive Problems

Mandarin Oil is suitable for treating digestive problems.  For babies blend 1 drop of mandarin with 1 drop of roman chamomile in 20ml of carrier oil and gently massage the abdomen.  For adults use 3 drop of mandarin oil to 10ml carrier oil.

6. Relaxing Baby Oil

Blend 5 drops of mandarin oil and 10 drops of lavender oil in 1/2 cup of olive oil and store in a dark bottle.  This blend is not only beneficial to the skin but is relaxing and calming.

7.  Help with Cramps

Make up a Blend of 12 drops of mandarin oil, 12 drops of chamomile oil and 18 drops of majoram sweet oil.  This can then be made into a massage oil by adding 12 drops of the blend to 30ml sweet almond oil.  Massage gently around the muscle area as soon as the cramp has subsided.  Before going to bed at night massage the whole leg in an upwards direction with the oil blend.

8. Bath Oil

Add 2 drops mandarin oil to your bath. The warmth of the water encourages relaxation and also enables the oil to penetrate the skin soothing the digestive system and regulate fluid balance.

9. Energy Boost

For a quick refreshing energy boost, put a few drops of mandarin oil on a cotton ball and inhale.  Take with you in the car or put in your bag for a quick uplift.

10. Room Spray

Add 10 drops mandarin oil and 5 drops lavender oil to a spray bottle for a pleasant disinfecting room spray.

NOTE: Care should be taken when using Mandarin Essential Oil in sunlight due to photo toxicity potential.

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