Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How To ... 5 Way to Use Chamomile Essential Oil

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Chamomile Essential Oil

German Chamomile essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen and is nourishing to itchy skin. It is excellent for chronic tension which results in migraine headaches, insomnia or menopausal problems.It supports the body’s natural response to irritation and injury by clearing heat from the body. This is also why is it known to dispel the emotions of anger and rage and promote peace and patience. German Chamomile also increases regeneration of skin making it a perfect natural remedy for itchy skin, eczema and dermatitis. 

1. Your first choice for treating inflamed, irritated skin.
Dilute in carrier oil or use in a compress for any sort of inflammation, but German Chamomile excels at treating all sorts of dry, itchy flaking skin problems.   This deep blue oil is most effective used in a carrier oil and applied to the skin.

2. Nappy Rash Relief
Can be used to help relieve nappy rash, just add a few drops to your babys cream.

3. To help with sleep
Add a couple of drops of chamomile and lavender to a tissue and breathe deeply.

4. To Relieve Menstrual Pain and PMS
Mix chamomile, lavender and clary sage together into a sweet almond base and rub onto your stomach.

5. To help with Rheumatoid and Arthritis pain.
Mix together chamomile, lavender and black pepper into a sweet almond base and gently rub into affected area.

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